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Our Proticlub stores in Pointe-Claire, Saint-Lambert (in the Greater Montreal region) and now on the Web, have been specializing for years in the retail of low-calorie protein supplements with a high biological value. Whether it be to lose weight in a balanced way as part of a protein diet, to maintain a healthy weight or simply to offer low-calorie complete protein quality snack options, our Team has selected for you the largest collection of superior quality protein supplements in Canada.

At Proticlub, you’ll find only exclusive brands recognized by physicians (not sold in pharmacies or big box stores), brands that have proven themselves and have met the specific requirements of the high-protein diet. Our manufacturers are world leaders known for the high biological value and effectiveness of their protein supplements in weight management.

Since 2008

We are the official stores of Cliniques minceur Esthé Novo, founded by Dr Maurice Legault and dedicated to the protein diet for more than 40 years. The Proticlub division was created in January 2008 to satisfy the ever growing demand for high quality protein supplements (labelled "medical grade") and to adequately answer specific questions and concerns by consumers about these products (food allergies, nutrional values, flavours, etc.).

Moreover, as a regular Proticlub customer, you can benefit (on demand) from a personalized weekly monitoring at no extra charge at either one of the two Cliniques minceur Esthé Novo, if your goal is to reach or get back to a healthy weight.

In short

Proticlub is a caring and attentive service offered by knowledgeable product specialists, with exceptional quality products, the largest variety and most of all incomparable flavours that will bring a smile to your day. All this at the best price!

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