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Proticlub Points

In addition to our everyday low prices and weekly sales, Proticlub offers you a loyalty program that provides even more savings: Proticlub Points.

Programme de fidélité généreux

A generous loyalty program

The Proticlub Points allow you to receive a 5% discount of the total amount of each of your online purchases*, transferred to your account in the form of loyalty points. Each point has a dollar value of $0.05. Redeem these points for a discount on your next order, to reduce the total amount, or collect your points until you are ready to redeem them.

Obtenir des Points Proticlub

Earning Proticlub Points is easy

Buy your favourite products online at Proticlub and earn 1 Proticlub Point per dollar you spent. For example, an order of $100* gives you 100 Proticlub Points, which have a value of $5 discount applicable on a future order.

Échanger vos Points Proticlub

How to redeem your Proticlub Points

To redeem your Proticlub Points, it's easy: at checkout, just select the option “Yes, I want to redeem my points now”. Your available points (converted in dollar value) will then be deducted from the total amount of your invoice.

* Before sales taxes and shipping fees.

Proticlub Points are calculated on the total of your purchase, regardless of whether the products are on sale or not. There is no minimum amount of points to earn before you can redeem them. Proticlub Points have no expiration date.

You will be able to track your Proticlub points in the My Account section under the My Points tab.

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