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Get an instant 5% discount

You live near or drive by one of our stores? Then why not save time and money and choose our “Pick-up order” option when ordering online. It’s easy: when proceeding to the checkout, select the store of your choice in the drop-down menu located just below your usual delivery address. This way, not only will you be saving money on shipping charges (if applicable) but you’ll also receive an instant 5% discount on the total amount* of your order.

When you choose to pick-up your order, it will be ready and waiting at the store of your choice within a maximum of 3 business hours of the store after placing your order, from the opening to the closing of the selected store (see the business hours of our stores at the bottom of the page). If you need to pick-up your order on the same day, make sure you place it at least 3 hours before the store’s closing time. Any order placed outside the opening hours will be ready on the next business day of the selected store, no later than 3 hours after its opening.

Furthermore, the pick-up discount will not reduce the amount of the Proticlub points you will earn for this order since they are calculated on the total amount of your purchase before the pick-up discount is applied.

* Before sale taxes

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