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Terms and Conditions


Shipping fees for the protein supplements are calculated based on the total value of your order (before taxes and before any applicable rebate using your Proticlub points). Shipping fees are added based on the following scale:

Purchases up to $99.99 = $14.00 fee

Purchases between $100.00 and $199.99 = $7.00 fee

Purchases of $200.00 and more = free shipping

Shipping fees are subject to applicable sales taxes. All our orders are prepared and shipped within 4 business days. Your order’s tracking number will be provided to you, on demand, either by email or phone depending on your preference. We always choose an expedited delivery service (with Canada Post) whenever possible in your region. We currently only ship within Canada. Proticlub reserves the right to adjust the shipping fees charged to the client for certain locations in Canada if the real transportation cost exceeds the cost of the merchandise ordered.

Make sure to provide an exact delivery address. Proticlub will not be responsible for any delay in the delivery or loss of a parcel due to incorrect information provided by the customer. The cost of return of a parcel, in case of incomplete or incorrect address, will be at the expense of the customer.



We will be happy to exchange or reimburse any product purchased on To do so, simply return the merchandise within 14 days following the delivery date, either in person at one of our retail stores (with purchase receipt) or by mail. If you choose to return your purchase by mail, you must contact us beforehand to give us advanced notice, by phone or email.

The returned merchandise must be in perfect condition, still in its original packaging, unopened and undamaged. Upon reception of the returned merchandise, we will either credit your account with the cost of your purchase or send you a replacement product, if requested with the necessary adjustments, as the case may be. We do not reimburse the shipping fees, except in cases of faulty products (on the manufacturer’s part) or delivery errors on our part.

It is possible to cancel an order within two hours of the transaction, insofar as the order has not already been processed and shipped. You must then notify us by phone or email. However, we will retain a fee equivalent to 9% of the total refund amount for any order paid with an American Express card.

If, upon receipt of your order, you notice that one or more items are missing from the package, we ask that you retain ALL shipping materials (cardboard box, shipping label, filler paper, annotated invoice). We must be able to refer to them on request, otherwise no claim on your part will be possible.

If at the time of delivery a customer refuses a duly completed order, not only Proticlub will not reimburse the shipping costs (at shipper's cost price), but also reserves the right to charge the costumer a restocking fee of 25% of the cost of the items refused. 



Our Proticlub stores (located in Pointe-Claire and Saint-Lambert) are independent from our virtual store and therefore reserve the right to sell merchandise at different prices than those listed on our website. Likewise, promotional offers existing on are not necessarily offered in our retail stores. All prices on this website are in Canadian dollars.



A maximum of 25 units of the same item per order can be purchased at If you would like to purchase more than 25, please contact us by phone. We will gladly adjust your order according to the desired quantity.

Starting March 15th, 2023 until further notice: limit of 6 bottles of Cal-K per order. Also Proticlub reserves the right to limit the frequency of purchase of Cal-K to 6 bottles per customer per quarter, subject to product availability.

The shipping fees for a purchase of Cal-K only is $18.00 per shipment.



The search tools made available on our website (gluten-free products, nutritional values, food allergens, products comparator) are based on the list of ingredients, statements, catalogues and other pertinent informations made available by the manufacturers of the food product offered at Proticlub. We make great efforts to offer the most precise information possible on all the products we offer.

However, because manufacturers may decide to change or modify a product, add or remove ingredients that could alter certain products without notifying us immediately, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of every content statement made on the Proticlub website about each and every one of our products.

In other words, persons suffering from food allergies or food intolerances should carefully consult any statements found on the product packages as well as the list of ingredients, all of which are available on our website. It is your responsibility to make sure that any products you choose on our website accommodates any specific needs you might have. By purchasing from Proticlub, you acknowledge that you will be consuming these products entirely at your own risk, for which Proticlub is not responsible. In case of doubt or for any further information concerning any of our products, you can write us anytime or contact the manufacturers directly.

Products purchased on this website should never be used as your sole nutrition source.

Even if the protein, vitamin and mineral supplements available at Proticlub are low in calories, they do not possess, by themselves, sliming properties and should be taken following a precise dietary protocol to contribute effectively to a healthy weight loss program. If your goal is to reach or get back to a healthy weight, we recommend that you first consult with a trained professional at Clinique minceur Esthé Novo to guide you in the day-to-day application of the protein diet to help you make effective use of the products offered on our website.



Our website contains material that is the exclusive property of Proticlub, namely the design concept, the general display and the graphic design. Reproduction without permission, in whole or in part is forbidden and can give rise to a claim for damages.

Proticlub is an authorized dealer for Proti, Health Wise, Protidiet, N3 Nutrition, Sisu and Cal-K brand products. The name brands, logos and packaging of products on this website are the exclusive property of their respective manufacturer.


Proticlub reserves the right to modify, limit or suspend temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part this website, without notice and without liability, respectful and to the extent permitted by current applicable Quebec legislation concerning the products and services offered on this website.



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