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Ketogenic vs. Keto

The Ketogenic Diet has been enjoying a new popularity lately, but in a slightly different version from the original one: while keeping a high protein intake, the “new” Keto eliminates almost all carbohydrates (sugars) in favor of a significant increase of fat intake in the diet.

Very low net carbs

Although the majority of our protein supplements have been specifically designed to meet the standards of the original Ketogenic Diet (i.e. high in complete protein, but low in carbohydrates AND fat), we have put together, for the followers of the new Keto, the list of all our products with very low NET carbs* (6 grams or less per serving).

Entertaining your taste buds

So if all that fat on your plate is starting to get you bored or worried, then check out our list of very low carbs protein supplements in the Keto Products category. Not only will these products make a healthy contribution in reaching your weight goals, they will add variety and some joy to your diet!

* The net carbs are those that increase your blood sugar. The net carbs content of a product is obtained by subtracting the fibres and half of the sugar alcohols (sometimes used as sweeteners) from the total carbohydrates. For example, a product with 15g of carbohydrates, including 10g of fibre, contains 5g of NET carbs (15-10 = 5). Similarly, a product with 15g of carbohydrates, including 10g of fibre and 4g of sugar alcohols, contains 3g of NET carbs (15-10-2 = 3).

Check out the NET carbs content of all our products by using the Nutritional Value Comparator.

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