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The quality of proteins we consume is very important, especially in the context of a low-calorie diet plan like the protein diet. Indeed, to fill the calorie deficit brought on by this type of diet, the body will not only burn off unwanted fat but it will also burn muscle mass to produce the necessary energy that is no longer supplied by your food. To adequately repair and regenerate your muscles as you go, your body needs complete proteins. Otherwise it will not be able to properly regenerate and you will inevitably suffer muscle loss rather than solely burning body fat.


Proteins are not all created equal. Many protein forms, depending on their origins (animal or vegetable) are incomplete proteins. A complete protein is made up of a chain of 21 amino acids, 8 of which are deemed to be “essential”, meaning that the body cannot synthesize them, they must be provided through our diet. Furthermore, even if a protein has all the necessary amino acids they must also be in the correct doses to optimize the overall effectiveness of the protein. In short, the more complete the protein, the greater its biological value. A high biological value means an easier absorption and assimilation by the body providing it with a greater capability to protect you from muscle loss.


At Proticlub, you will find nothing but complete protein supplements of the highest value containing all the essential amino acids in the right doses to effectively maintain your muscle mass while burning your body fat. We only carry trusted and recognized brands with certified aminograms (measurement table determining the biological value of a protein).


Imitation products found in big-box stores or in pharmacies are for the most part made from very low biological value protein. And when they claim otherwise, the essential amino-acid doses are often insufficient to allow the protein adequately do its job of repairing your muscles. To make a comparison, if a fast-food restaurant claims its beef is 100% pure, that doesn’t necessarily make it filet mignon… In short, these products are often inadequate at helping you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way: you may lose weight, but along with that excess fat you’ll also be losing muscle mass. This is not only dangerous (your heart is a muscle) but it is directly responsible for the “yo-yo” effect in dieting.

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